Introducing Home Connect

January 04, 2016

Home automation is spreading to more and more homes, promising to make our homes smarter - and our lives simpler.

Doors that lock automatically and a security system that arms itself when you leave the house, saving you the worry about whether you remembered to do it. A thermostat that sets itself to the right temperature when you arrive home, saving you money and energy. Lights and shades that respond to the time of day, saving you the hassle of adjusting them. In the ideal smart home, everything works seamlessly, all according to your behavior and preferences.

However, things can get a little complicated when you have different home automation systems. Introduce a smart car into the mix and the frustration only gets worse.You have to fumble through all of your different apps just to make sure everything is ready for you, which can be a little troublesome if you’re in a rush. You may remember to arm your security system, but forget to put your thermostat to away. What if you could manage it all with one interface? What if your smart car talked to all the systems in your home to let them know you were on your way?

The Vinli Home Connect app makes it possible.

One interface integrates popular connected home products from companies like Nest and SmartThings, with more on the way. With Vinli’s connected-car device plugged in to your family of vehicles, everything will automatically know when to turn on and off based on the location of vehicles without you having to lift a finger.

How does Home Connect work?

The app introduces the car-home connection, which allows home automation settings to be based on location, not time or presence of the user. All of this is powered by Vinli Sync - your always-on 4G/LTE powered connectivity.

Actions are prompted when a vehicle leaves a specified boundary, such as your driveway or subdivision. For example, if your teenager is the last to leave the house, the back door locks, the lights turn off, the temperature adjusts, the security system armed. And you are instantly notified at the office on your mobile phone.

When you are arriving home, as soon as you hit your boundary mark, your house begins to prepare for your arrival. The lights will all turn on, the temperature adjusts, and the shades open. Whether you are running early or late, your home will always be prepared for your arrival with Home Connect.

Head over to the Vinli App Catalogue now to download Home Connect, available for Android and iOS!