Vinli Fleet

Total Cost of Ownership, Vehicles. Drivers. Maintenance. And don't forget Customers. These days, fleet managers have a lot to juggle. Vinli Fleet gives you the clear, actionable data you need to keep everything running and reduce total cost of ownership.


Connect any device, any vehicle or any driver

Why limit your options? Vinli brings together mobility data from any and every source. If it can tell us something, we'll use it.

Mobility Data from any Aftermarket Telematics, Auto Makers or Phone

Manage your fleet with mobility data from any source

Branded Applications

White label your fleet manager and driver experiences

Enterprise Data Integrations

Unify your unique driver, customer, financial and other back office system data

Future Proof Fleet Management

Customize your unique fleet business with our custom applications and services

Your Fleet at a Glance

Just one look at Vinli's high-performance Fleet Manager application can give you real-time insights that optimize your operations and reduce cost of ownership.

software screenshot of fleet manager application map view
Location on a map

Live Vehicle Tracking

Locate and monitor your fleet assets in near real-time with rich telematics data.

File with charts

Fleet Performance Results

Optimize fleet operations, fleet and driver utilization with configurable reports.

Fleet Driver Companion App

Not just trip logging. This rich mobile experience empowers your drivers to manage, report, replay, and tag every mile - and proactively alerts them to fuel and other maintenance needs.

Connected AnywherePhone as TSP SDKReal-time Fleet LocationsStart-to-End Trip TrackingMaintenanceNotifications
driver mobile application screenshot with vehicle location on mapdriver movile application screenshot with latest trip route on a map
Driver & Trip Insights - product screenshot image

Driver & Trip Insights

Drivers are all different. Easily understand the tendencies and trends of every driver in your fleet with clear, actionable data.

Vehicle Maintenance Services - product screenshot image

Vehicle Maintenance Services

A healthy fleet is a profitable fleet. Get ahead of maintenance with preventive monitoring, reporting, and scheduling - and maximize the lifetime value of your assets.

driver mobile application showing route tracking quality produced by an aftermarket telematics device

Aftermarket Telematics

driver mobile application showing route tracking quality produced by Vinli's smart phone telematics SDK


No Device No Problem

Forget about costly, complicated OBD-II devices. The Vinli ERA platform collects and analyzes driver mobility data through a simple smartphone app. It's the ultimate in ease, affordability, and portability across vehicles.

More than just fleets

every business problem is different

So every solution should be, too. Our custom toolkit is included with every out-of-the-box product in the Vinli suite, so you can tailor them to your specific requirements.

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