Introducing Openbay + Vinli

January 14, 2016

Vinli understands that the process of maintaining a vehicle and finding a good mechanic can be frustrating, which is why we have teamed up with Openbay to give your vehicle a voice. Openbay is fundamentally changing how consumers get their vehicles serviced — with confidence, ease and savings.

Managing automotive service for vehicles can become challenging and costly, especially for households with multiple vehicles and drivers. Openbay works to remove the frustrations behind auto repair and to connect consumers with a nationwide network of auto-repair shops that delivers quality service at a fair market price and with convenience. The power of Openbay’s integration with the Vinli system is the future of auto repair. It allows consumers to have their vehicles automatically and seamlessly managed, so they may better understand symptoms behind illuminated dashboard lights, or easily connect with a local service center when a vehicle is due for routine maintenance.

How does Openbay and Vinli work? With the Vinli device plugged in to your vehicle, Openbay has the ability to capture your vehicle’s real-time operational and diagnostic information, and take action when a vehicle-service light is triggered based on miles driven; or provide recommendations for a local shop when routine maintenance is needed. Openbay allows consumers to select a shop based on its location, reviews, warranty, certifications, and price. Openbay handles appointment scheduling and payment processing, and it will track the service history of each vehicle it manages.

For busy individuals, as well as multi-vehicle households, Openbay with Vinli provides an exceptional service that dramatically simplifies the vehicle-management experience.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Openbay now, and say goodbye to the stress and frustration!

How to set up Vinli with Openbay:

1. Go to log into your Openbay account. Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Once you are logged in, click on “Vehicles” on the left sidebar.

3. Scroll down to find “Openbay Connect”.

4. Change the device provider to Vinli and enter the device ID, which can be found on the back of your Vinli or in your MyVinli account. Click save to add Vinli to your account.

5. Now that you’re up and running, any detected vehicle events will appear on this page. Whenever a diagnostic trouble code is triggered and you’d like a professional diagnosis and repair, Openbay will connect you with local mechanics. Choose the one that’s best for you, schedule a service, and once the repair is complete, pay for the service via Openbay, which keeps track of completed repair work.