Uber and Vinli Team Up at CES

January 02, 2016

Just as the last of the New Year’s Eve confetti has been swept up, Las Vegas plays host to a new wave of visitors for the Consumer Electronics Show. This week, more than 170,000 people will flood the streets of Vegas to connect with the "who's who" of the industry and preview the latest in consumer products.

For those who have attended CES before, we probably don’t have to tell you what a pain it is to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection at the event. The streets are crowded, traffic slows to a crawl, and the convention center Wi-Fi is spotty at best. So what if we told you this year would be different? What if a reliable hotspot is just an Uber away?

Uber and Vinli are teaming up to offer free, unlimited in-car WiFi to Uber passengers during the week of CES. With 4GLTE Wi-Fi powered by Vinli’s onboard connected-car device, you can now make your time in the car productive, whether you’re driving forty minutes to the airport or down the street to an event. You’ll stay connected on the road with Uber and Vinli.

How can you find Uber Wi-FI?

If you haven’t already, download the Uber app on your phone. When you open the app, slide over to the “WI-FI” option and request your ride. And if this your first Uber ride, enjoy $20 off using this handy promo code: CESVINLI2016.

The free Wi-Fi service will be available from January 6th, 12:00am PT through January 9th, 2016, 11:59pm PT. 

Go ahead. Take a ride with Vinli and Uber at CES!

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