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Your Car, Your Way

Vinli brings an endless range of apps to your car, from safety to entertainment to onboard WiFi.
The open road has never been this open.

You've Never Seen High-Speed Internet Like this

Vinli turns your car into a roving WiFi hotspot. With our built in 4G LTE, we've conquered the final frontier of connectivity.

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Roadtrips are a Breeze

Let the kids stream movies. Keep them busy with games. Download that podcast for the road. With Vinli WiFi, your in-car entertainment choices are as vast as the Internet.

The App Store For Your Car

You're in the driver's seat with the vast range of Vinli apps in our app store. Create the smart-car experience that takes you where you want to go.

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The Endless Possibilities

Take the mystery out of driving. Your custom suite of Vinli apps gives you effortless control over your car's capabilities and deep insight into your car's performance.

Your Onboard Safety Net

Roadside assistance. Accident alerts. Even scheduling routine maintenance. You watch the road. Let Vinli watch your back.

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Your travel companion
down every road of life

Driving should be a pleasure, not a worry. And when something does go wrong, you shouldn't have to deal with it alone. Vinli is always there for you. Always on the lookout. Always prepared.

Vinli Device

Ready for anything. Connected to everything.

Vinli installs in seconds to turn any car into a smart car. Take control of your ride like you never have before. And be prepared for whatever's around the next bend.

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