Risk, Optimized

Predictive risk assessment with machine learning. Fast, accurate First Notice of Loss reporting. Better accident data. Vinli Insurance provides comprehensive tools to attack loss ratios from every direction.


Integrated telematics means smarter insurance

Minimize exposure and limit losses with accurate data and tracking at your team's fingertips.

Mitigate Fraud

The evidence you need to fight fraudulent claims, in pinpoint detail

Improve First Notice of Loss

Instant, detailed reporting. Because you can't afford to sacrifice either speed or accuracy

Better Accident Data

Protect your assets when incidents happen - and prevent them from happening

Eliminate Theft

Real-time tracking: recover your vehicle while there's still value left to recover

Crash Reporting - product screenshot image

Crash Reporting

The moment a collision occurs, Vinli First Notice of Loss instantly notifies the relevant people. Active vehicle monitoring means valuable, detailed incident data is captured at the very moment of a crash.

Incident Management - product screenshot image

Incident Management

No more mysteries. Settle the questions around every incident with crash telematics data, predictive severity intelligence, and high-value contextual data about the crash environment. Our Crash Incident Management capabilities reduce fraud and automate incident management workflows, and our visual crash reconstruction tells incident teams exactly what happened and how.

Theft Reporting - product screenshot image

Theft Reporting

Live, real-time Vinli Insurance theft reports allow incident teams and insurers to track vehicle location history and the state of their assets, minute-by-minute. The result: improved recovery rates, more value preserved, and less impact to your bottom line.

The Vinli Performance Index - product screenshot image

The Vinli Performance Index

Using the latest data science, the Vinli Performance Index visualizes, profiles, and mitigates risk exposure for your fleet. At a glance, fleet managers, insurance providers, and drivers can stay on top of risk management in near real time.

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every business problem is different

So every solution should be, too. Our custom toolkit is included with every out-of-the-box product in the Vinli suite, so you can tailor them to your specific requirements.

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