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We harness the power of data to help you cut costs, increase profits, and transform your mobility business.



Vinli car Data Source

Data tracking from aftermarket devices, oem integration, or phone enabled gps

Vinli driver Data Source

How does the driver take care of the vehicle when they are behind the wheel

Vinli outside Data Source

The environment outside the vehicle plays a large part in the risk of that vehicle

data from any source

From individual vehicle telematics and driver behavior, all the way up to local conditions and global trends, Vinli synthesizes the data that impacts your business - no matter the source.

analysis you can act on

Information is one thing. Insight is another. Our ERA platform sifts through all that data, connects the dots, and finds the correlations that make a difference. There's more data out there than ever. Vinli puts it to work for you.


Whether you're managing a fleet, assessing vehicle insurance risks, or seeking robust mobility intelligence to make data-driven decisions, Vinli's readymade products go beyond anything else on the market today.


Need to get more specific? Every Vinli product includes our custom tools to future-proof your mobility offering.

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Vinli: Steering into the Future

We are excited to announce a pivotal shift in our leadership structure that promises to steer us into a bold new era.

Vinli Obtains ISO 27001 Certification of its ISMS

Vinli, Inc. obtained ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS) in April 2022.

Can Electric Vehicles Save the World?

Connected car data shows that converting likely EV drivers will keep emissions at the lowest Covid lockdown levels.

Less Cars, Less Accidents? Covid-19 Tells A Different Story

How connected car data and data intelligence can be used to Predict Risk and Develop Better Transportation Strategies

In High Gear: Vinli Secures $13.5 Million in Series B Funding

Funding will accelerate global partnerships and expand data intelligence platform offering