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The first truly cloud-based dashboard system.

The first system to connect drivers to the world around them, in real time. It's the only one of its kind. And it's only from Vinli.

The world around you

At your fingertips

See where your other family members are. What's going on at home. And where trouble might lie ahead. Carport isn't just a dashboard for your car. It's a dashboard for your whole world.

As Connected

As Your Life

For the first time ever, your car will be connected to the other devices that power your life. Carport turns your car into the ultimate mobile device it was always meant to be. You'll wonder why you ever settled for less.

Your Apps

Your Way

Other dashboard systems lock you into the apps that they want you to have - forever. Carport lets you choose from the Vinli App Store to create the experience that matters to you. And because Carport is cloud-based, it's easy for it to evolve with you as your needs change.

Under the hood

Out In the open

You car is too important to be a mystery. Carport stays on top of scheduled maintenance and reveals details of your car's performance like no other system. Because knowledge is power.

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Safe and Secure


Carport shows notifications only when your car is stopped, so you can keep your eyes on the road.


Catch little issues before they turn into big ones, and keep your car in road-ready shape.


Three levels of security ensure that you, and only you, have complete control over your car and your data at all times.

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