It’s difficult to understand what your vehicle needs or is missing when there is a language barrier between the two of you. Luckily, there is an exclusive group of gadgets and apps that can decode everything for you.

Next time the check engine light flickers on, you don’t have to rush to a mechanic to find out exactly what’s causing it. After your morning commute, you can see how efficiently your car is using the gas you put in it. And, sure, you may recall that hard brake back on Main Street earlier today, but what about the one two weeks ago, over on Elm? That’s far out of the range of your rearview memory, which is probably why you didn’t catch yourself on Main.

Companies like Dash want to change all this. The app, available now for Vinli, unleashes data that’s kept in your vehicle. Just insert Vinli into the small OBD (or on-board-diagnostics) data port that’s located near your steering wheel. Then, link it to the Dash App and start getting the most out of your car.

Once you hook up Dash, a simple interface keeps data out of your way while you’re driving and presents it to you after your trip. It doesn’t beep or bloop or ring at you—when it needs to tell you to slow down or give you a heads up on your fuel level, a human voice comes through your mobile phone to tell you to do so. Don’t be alarmed, there’s not a tiny person in there.

But Dash doesn’t just present that data to the Vinli drivers. It turns it social. When you connect Vinli to Dash, it begins analyzing how you drive. You get scored for each trip, and if you speed, if you brake too hard, if you have poor fuel economy, you get dinged. After you’ve pulled the key out of the ignition, you can compare the score with other drivers in your city, or even other drivers who own your model. Dash has also integrated with Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to post Bumper Sticker achievements—Night Rider, Night Owl, Road Tripper—to your social platforms.

Dash is betting you’ll get hooked by the social aspects—and then realize it’s actually making you a better driver. Those scores aren’t just meant to rank you. They’re meant to break down how you drive your car. Now you can anticipate when you’re about to brake too hard, how often you speed down city streets, or how frequently you push it when the light turns yellow. Dash wants to change your behavior as a driver.

The company has also created some cool partnership with AllState in New York City, to give Dash users a discount on insurance; and Edmunds, to help set up routine maintenance appointments.

What are you waiting for? Grab Dash off Vinli Apps and strap in. Your car awaits.

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